Shipping Cost Charge

RM1.00 RM0.50

The shipping cost charge is the additional cost if you already buy the product on self pick up or reserve mode but then decided to use courier to ship the product.
The calculation is based on RM0.50 multiply.
For example, if shipping cost RM13.50
RM13.50 ÷ RM0.50 = 27
so u must buy 27 in quantity.
How to get shipping cost for the purchase items?
Every item has its weight, please refer to the item page to see item weight
The calculation for shipping cost is as below .
Base price – RM6 and every 1kg additional RM1.50
For example, item weight 7kg
Base Price RM6 + (RM1.50 x 7kg)
= RM16.50

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